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CLICK HERE to display a map of all CSU campuses. From the map, you will be directed to a list of majors offered from that CSU campus. You can click on the major for more detailed information about that major.

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CLICK HERE "The ASSIST" site Major articulation agreements between Community Colleges and CSU/UC.

CSU Application Status Report Find out which colleges are open or closed for admission.

CSU Campus Web Servers Takes you to any CSU campus web site.

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CSU On-line Checklist  Su12

School Board Codes Contains ALL school board codes necessary to complete an admission application.

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CSU Chico Grade Form:

 If you are completing either your English, Speech, Critical Thinking, or Math requirements during your last semester before you transfer to CSU, Chico, be sure to click on the link below to print out a Confirmation of Final Grade form to take to your instructor during your final exams.

Submit the form the your instructor. Ask the instructor to please complete and fax the form to CSU, Chico so you can register for CSUC classes on time. Be sure to also submit an official transcript to CSUC once all final grades are posted to your transcript.