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 Question: What is an Impacted Major?

If you are interested in an impacted major, you must apply during the initial filing period. You will be subject to supplementary admission criteria.

Is it possible to transfer without having chosen a major? Most UCs will not accept you as a transfer student if you have not chosen and prepared for a major. The CA state budget crisis has resulted in a highly competitive transfer admissions process whereby completion of lower division requirements for a specific major may be one type of screening criteria.

Can I change my major once I enroll on a UC campus? This depends on the university and the college within the university. If allowed, you will be expected to complete lower-division requirements for the new major, so your time to complete a degree may be affected. (Though it may be be possible to change your major once you are at the university, it is advised that you never try to manipulate the system. You may find yourself blocked from switching majors.)

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