Transfer Counseling Center

Welcome to the

Transfer Academy!


The Transfer Counseling Center is pleased to announce the launching of the new Transfer Academy!  The Transfer Academy is designed to provide specialized services to students interested in transferring to a University of California (UC), an out-of-state or private school.

As an Academy member, students can expect to receive the following services:

Requirements for Participation in the Transfer Academy

In order to participate in the Transfer Academy, students must:

  1. Have a minimum GPA of 2.8, and maintain that GPA throughout their participation in the Academy.
  2. Enroll in English and Math every semester until transfer levels are met.
  3. Complete a Comprehensive Student Education plan with a Transfer Academy Counselor.
  4. Attend two counseling appointments or one appointment and one additional Academy activity per semester.
  5. Submit official transcripts from all others colleges or universities attended.

How to Apply


Transfer Counseling Center SAS, room 258(530) 895-2264