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General information and eligibility requirements Agreements

What is Transfer Admission Agreement/Guarantee (TAA/TAG)?

It is a contract between students and four year universities that is offered to eligible students who are seeking guaranteed admission to universities.

Transfer Admission Agreements (TAA) is offered by:

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is offered by:

 How many contracts may be signed at one time?

What are the general eligibility requirements?

For example: if transferring in Fall 2016, all required courses must have been completed by the end of Spring 2016. Some universities may require students to complete the major courses by the end of the Fall term.

TAA may not apply to all programs

 How can I find what courses are transferrable? Please meet with your academic counselor and bring a copy of your transcripts from all colleges attended, and the results of AP exams if there is any. For transferability of courses to CSU and UC campuses go to

You may visit the Web site of the private universities to find the transferability of courses under the "articulation agreements".

What is my Transfer GPA?

Total completed Transfer units /Total points = Total transfer GPA

Please see your counselor or meet with the Transfer program Supervisor/Counselor.

 Where can I find the Transfer agreement forms?

The Transfer Agreement information is available at the Transfer Counseling Center. The UC TAG application is available only online at:

Instructions to complete a TAG:

1. Meet with your counselor to discuss your major and your eligibility, including course transferability, and transfer GPA.

2. Complete a TAA/TAG form

3. Meet with the Transfer Center Coordinator to finalize your contract for submission to universities.

5. Must complete and submit the university general admission application by the university application deadline. Do not wait for the last minute; make an appointment with your counselor now!

Note: TAA/TAG does not apply to impacted and selected programs.

UC campuses are limiting the number of TAG to one campus only.

TAG Links


  1. TAG Homepage with Campus Links. (UCOP)
  2. TAG Online Admission Planner for Students - (TAG Application) (UCOP)
  3. TAG Online Review Site for Counselors (UCOP)
  4. TAG Matrix - ('16/17) (UCOP)
  5. Transfer Agreement/Transfer Admission Chart
  6. Application Update (UC Office-TAG Resources)
  7. Your TAG Decision 2016 (UCD)

*** Developing a TAG workshop PowerPoint? Before reinventing the wheel...see  the Butte College ppt. for modifiable TAG power points shared by various CC's.

The following links take you directly to the individual UC Campus' homepage for TAG information.

TAG Links By UC for Fall 2016:
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