Transfer Counseling Center

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Congratulations on your admission! Now that you've been admitted to a UC, learn what you must do to keep your enrollment process on the right track and make a smooth transition to your school!

Declaring Your Statement of Intent to Register: The first step is to accept our offer of admission by completing and submitting your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). Contact your schools admission office for more information or check out their website.

Reporting Changes to Your Academic Record: While you are expected to complete all planned and in-progress courses listed on your application and continue to earn strong grades, we understand that sometimes students' situations change. You must notify your school of any changes to your schedule or any classes not passed (a grade less than "C").

Submitting Your Official Transcript(s): If you applied to the fall term, please send your final, official transcript(s) once you have completed spring semester. If you are also planning to attend summer school, arrange to have your summer official transcript(s) sent after you have completed the term.

Contact your schools admissions office to check for any other requirements that are specific to your school!