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Students who are waitlisted should regularly check their e-mail for confirmation of enrollment so that they are not unintentionally dropped. Notifications and other official correspondence from the college will be sent to your college issued e-mail address. To automatically forward e-mail from your college account to your personal e-mail contact Student Technical Support.

Anyone who has a valid email address on file may waitlist. This is important since this is how we notify students when they get enrolled if space becomes available. You must also meet the prerequisites and not be waitlisted for another section of the same class. You may waitlist if you have a time conflict or overload but you will not be moved into the class unless this conflict is removed.

Waitlists will be set on all classes with the exception of classes that are crosslisted and classes requiring Instructor permission (i.e. Nursing, Fire Science, Police Academy, etc.)

With waitlists you have a strong possibility of getting enrolled and we notify all students with their Butte College Email account. You will have 7 days to pay from the time of enrollment to pay or your class and possibly others could be dropped.  If you don't check your Butte College email weekly then be sure to forward it to an email that you do.  You can also check your status and drop using "Manage my Wait List." in WebAdvisor.

Eligible waitlisted students will automatically be enrolled into the class as seats become available. This will occur throughout the registration period as other students drop the class. Once class starts a student must come to class if they are on a waitlist and still wish to be added to a class. Students forfeit their waitlist position who do not show up to class.

After the class begins, you will not be added to a course automatically even if vacancies exist. Once a FACE-TO-FACE Class has started, you must attend the first class session to see if you can be added. Priority will be given to students on the waitlist. If you are waitlisted for an ONLINE COURSE, you must email the instructor within 24 hours of the start of the class stating you still wish to add. If granted, the online instructor will send you an email authorization to add. You must either bring this to Admissions with an add card if you are local or follow the directions provided by your instructor to email Admissions & Records and enroll if you are not able to do this in person. You will receive an email when complete. Always check "MY SCHEDULE" online to confirm any Adds or Drops.

As soon as you are notified of enrollment you have 7 days to pay, set up a payment plan or be cleared due to financial aid.  To avoid being dropped check if you are CONFIRMED or AT RISK by clicking on the plus sign on Fee and Payment Information in MYBC each time a class is added.

Yes. You will not be added to the waitlist if you do not meet prerequisite requirements.

No. You can add yourself to the waitlist even if you already have a class that meets at the same time. However, if a seat opens-up for the waitlisted class, you will NOT be enrolled until you drop the class that conflicts.

No, but the next waitlisted student will get enrolled until your time conflict is resolved. We do not notify you when this occurs so check your Waitlist Status under "Manage My Waitlist" frequently if you are waitlisted for a class.

No. No registration activity is possible with a hold.

Before 21 units, yes but after 21 units, no.  Even if you get on a waitlist with under 21 units, you will not be enrolled into a class if it brings you above 21 units.  You will stay at the top of the waitlist and will need an Excess Unit Petition with an Add Card the first day of class.  See Counseling/Advising to obtain an Excess Unit Petition. Enrollment priority from the waitlist is given to students who do not require petitions.

No. Due to the complexity of how these courses get automatically enrolled we are not offering waitlist ability for these classes.

Unless you are repeating a course you received a D or F in for the first time, you will need to see Counseling/Advising to obtain approval for the repetition in order to waitlist a course you have taken before or a course you are currently enrolled in and failing. Once Counseling has approved your petition, you will be able to waitlist the course yourself through MyBC.

Once enrolled you can change units with Admissions and Records by calling 530.895.2361, from 8am-5pm Monday thru Thursday or 8am - 12pm Fridays.

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