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Effective for Summer 2017 & Fall 2017

Below is a fee summary and a breakdown of the cost per unit. The fee charts do not include materials fees, audit fees or Telephone Registration fees, which may apply. If a change occurs after you have paid your fees, you may be billed for the difference.

After you register, check your fees online in your MyBC account.



Required of


(plus service

$46 per unit All students Waived for BOGFW students and High School students enrolling through the Concurrent Enrollment and College
Connection Programs.
International &
$234 per
unit (plus
and service
International students
Reclassification to resident status must be initiated by the student. Evidence of presence and intent to reside
in the State of California for at least one year prior to the semester's start date must be submitted for a
residency review. For questions, contact the Residency Technician: 895-2361.

Service Fees



Spring or Fall Semester - flat fee.
Summer Session - flat fee.
Fee will not be charged for Winter Intersession.
Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing are exempt from the Health fee.

Transportation Fa/Sp $73

Su $37

All students
6 units and above
Less than 6 units
All students enrolled in .1 to 1 unit
Regardless of unit load
Fee will not be charged for Winter Intersession.
$18 All students (Not
charged in Summer
Session or Winter
Students whose daytime course(s) are at the Chico Center or Main Campus pay the Student Activity Fee. This
fee is used to fund student events, student programs, student activity cards/validation stickers, campus
programs, and club support. This fee is refundable through the 2nd week of school. Exemptions/refund
information is available by calling 895-2391 or 895-2428.
Rep $2 All students (Not
charged in
Summer Session or
Winter Intersession)
Supports student representation in local and state government. Students may refuse to pay this fee for religious,
political, financial, or moral reasons. For more information call 895-2391 or 895-2945.
$20 All students per
Helps defray the costs of student access to campus technology. The fee will be used to keep student computer labs
equipped with current hardware and software and provide high-speed connectivity to the Internet. Exemptions/refund
information is available by calling the Call Center at 895-2511.
$2 Students registering
by phone
Per semester when registering by telephone.

Other Fees

Materials Varies See individual class for applicable fees.
Auditing a
$15 per unit Students enrolling on an audit basis must declare so at the time of registration. Audits must be submitted to
Admissions & Records prior to the audit deadline. Once declared, audits cannot be reversed. See the Butte
College Catalog for more information. Students enrolled for credit in 10 or more semester units may audit
an additional 3 or fewer units at no charge.
Books/supplies $375 (Approx.) Full-time students Cost varies depending on classes.
Transcripts &


Online requests

On demand transcripts.
Regular Transcripts - 10 working days (first 2 free).
Transcript requests submitted online through TranscriptsPlus will include a $2.40 processing fee.
On demand enrollment verifications.
Regular enrollment verifications - 10 working days (first 2 free).
$20 per check Will be assessed for all checks drawn against insufficient funds, or if a "stop payment" is issued on your check or credit
card. No postdated checks will be accepted.
Refund $10 per check You will be assessed a processing fee for refunds.

Enrollment & Service Fee Chart for Fall 2017

Units Resident Non-Resident BOGFW
.5 $102.00 $219.00 $79.00
1 $125.00 $359.00 $79.00
2 $206.00 $674.00 $114.00
3 $252.00 $954.00 $114.00
4 $298.00 $1234.00 $114.00
5 $344.00 $1514.00 $114.00
6 $408.00 $1812.00 $132.00
7 $454.00 $2092.00 $132.00
8 $500.00 $2372.00 $132.00
9 $546.00 $2652.00 $132.00
10 $592.00 $2932.00 $132.00
11 $638.00 $3212.00 $132.00
12 $684.00 $3492.00 $132.00
13 $730.00 $3772.00 $132.00
14 $776.00 $4052.00 $132.00
15 $822.00 $4332.00 $132.00
16 $868.00 $4612.00 $132.00
17 $914.00 $4892.00 $132.00
18 $960.00 $5172.00 $132.00

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