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Why Take an Online Class?

Need to complete a transfer degree (AA-T or AS-T)?
Butte College offers many online courses that will help you complete the transfer degree!

Can't come to campus?
If you have work or family responsibilities during the day, online classes are a great opportunity to continue your education on your own time. Saves gas, too!

Are you an independent learner?
If you're a serious, self-motivated learner, online classes may be just your style!

How Do I Enroll in an Online Class?

Complete the enrollment steps and enroll in online classes the same as with on-campus courses.

Note: Your enrollment in an online class will show "TBA" (or "To Be Announced") in the "day" and "time" column. The TBA is just a placeholder used for all online classes in the registration process. Your online class starts on the date listed in "Search for Classes" (which generally is the first day of the semester).

I'm Enrolled, Now What?

  1. There are three ways to access your course starting on the first day of class.
    1. Log in to MyBC then click the Canvas logo. You'll be prompted to log in once again.
    2. Log in to Canvas directly by going to
    3. Enter the class by logging into the free Canvas app for iOS or Android.
  2. In Canvas, click Courses to see a list of courses you're enrolled in.
  3. Click on the name of the course. That will take you to home page for the course.
  4. Follow the instructions given in the class.

Note: Some instructors may require completion of a class activity, like making a discussion post or taking a syllabus quiz, within the first 24 hours of the start of the course. This will confirm your "presence" in the class so you are not dropped as a "no show."

How Do I Add an Online Class?

If an online class is full, you may be able to add yourself to the waitlist. Here's how it works!

1. Before class begins:
If you've been able to put yourself on the waitlist, you'll automatically be enrolled as other students drop and space becomes available.

2. The day class begins: You will not be added automatically, even if there is space. If you're interested in adding the course, email the instructor from your Butte College email account within 24 hours of the start of the course. (The instructor's email address is in the Directory listing.)

Please provide the following in your email:

  • Your name
  • Your Butte College ID
  • Your Butte College email address
  • The name of the course you want to add

3. If you can be added, the instructor will send instructions to your Butte College student email account.

4. It's important that you check your student email account daily. You're encouraged to add your student account to your mobile device.

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  • Remember that your course won't be available until after 7:00 AM Pacific Time on the first day of class.
  • For technical issues, contact Student Technical Support at (530) 895-2925 or
  • For personal issues, contact your instructor; you can find the email address by using the link to the Butte College Directory.
  • Your class syllabus is available within your online course. Check the home page for details or click on the Syllabus link in the course.
  • Generally, no. There is no need to access the course at an exact time since course materials are available throughout the week.
  • Your instructor will inform you if there are exceptions.
  • WARNING! There are due dates and times within the course, usually week-by-week or unit-by-unit; you'll need to access your course often so you don't miss a deadline!
  • Check for bookstore hours for the Main Campus, Chico Center, and Glenn Center. You can also purchase books online.
  • Make sure you have the correct control number for your course since an online section may use a different textbook than a face-to-face section of the same course. In some cases digital versions of the textbook are available.
  • Sometimes online instructors do not begin interacting with students until the first day of class, so you may not get a response to a phone message or email. In that case please contact the appropriate academic department for assistance.

Resources for...

Student Technical Support

Canvas Help (link to Canvas student guide which includes mobile apps). For more Canvas help, click on the ? icon on the left-hand page in your Canvas course.

Tutoring (link to the Center for Academic Success; contact CAS to make arrangements for online tutoring in math or other subjects) Full online tutoring for most all subjects including math, English, writing, econ and more are available free from NetTutor within your online course or ask your instructor to add NetTutor.

An online class can be a great "bridge" to completion of a transfer degree or other educational goals. Counseling and Advising can help you plan.


Just so you know: These services and tools are available to instructors for use in online classes. You may see some of them in your course!

CanvasAll Butte College online courses are delivered through the Canvas Learning Management System.

Quest for Online Success

Quest for Online Success is a free online workshop with helpful videos on what to expect in an online course and how to manage your time. All Butte College online students are automatically enrolled in Quest.


nettutorNetTutor offers 24x7 live tutoring in many subjects, including math, and a writing center for submitting papers for tutoring review.

VericiteVericite is plagiarism-detection software.


Proctorio provides online proctoring services.


ConexEdConexED provides video counseling with Butte College's own counselors. Counselors can use ConexED to provide students with full-service real-time meetings.


SoftChalkSoftChalk Cloud enables instructors to design and deliver interactive Web-page content within online courses.

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