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New and Returning Students
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* NEW COLLEGE STUDENT You are a new college student if you are attending Butte College for the first time OR have completed fewer than 24 units at a college other than Butte. If you have taken courses at Butte College while in high school and have since graduated, you are considered a new college student. (Complete Steps 1-6)

* NEW TRANSFER-IN You are a new transfer-in student if you are attending Butte College for the first time and have completed 24 or more units with a 2.0+ GPA at a college other than Butte. (Complete Steps 1-6)

* RETURNING You are a returning student if you previously completed course work at Butte College and are returning after a lapse of time or enrollment at another college. (Complete Steps 2-6 If it has been a year or more since you last attended, please complete Steps 1-6.

* CONTINUING You are a continuing student if you attended the preceding fall or spring term. Continuing students receive priority registration times in April and November. (Complete Steps 5-6)

* K-12 You are a K-12 student if you are under 18 and have not graduated high school. To take classes you must have a concurrent enrollment authorization on file by the deadline. (Complete Steps 1 and 4-6)

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