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Oroville Dam Evacuation
Frequently Asked Questions

Butte College is committed to the success of every student and will make every possible accommodation to support those affected by this situation. There have been a number of questions raised by students and answers to some of these questions are below.

Q: Why is Butte College open while Yuba College and local schools are closed?
A: Yuba College and a number of the local school districts are located in the Evacuation Warning area. Butte College is not. California State University, Chico is also not located in the Evacuation Warning area and is open.

Q: As a student, what happens if I can't get to class?
A: We recognize that some students are still in transition and others may have child care issues because local schools are closed. The administration has requested that faculty help students affected by this situation to the maximum extent possible by providing make-up assignments and doing everything else they can to accommodate student needs. Students needing accommodations are encouraged to contact their instructors.

Q: Is transportation being provided?  
A: The college's bus transportation system is operating on its normal schedule.  

Q: Why are some programs, such as Nursing and the Academies, operating on different schedules?
A: Many of our programs depend on external resources and requirements. For example, the Nursing program is not conducting clinicals for the rest of the week because the hospitals are impacted by the emergency. The Academies must meet externally-driven requirements and may have to make some changes to their schedule to meet these.

Q: Is counseling available to students affected by the emergency?
A: Counseling services are now available during normal hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). In addition, students with questions are encouraged to call 530-895-2378 and leave a message and you will be contacted the next business day.

Q: Where can I receive Butte College information if there are future closures? 
A: Butte College will send all current students information via text and alerts in the event of a college closure. Information will also be posted on the website and also the college's Facebook page.