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Printing Services


For printing services and stationary supplies, please use the appropriate form available in your area office, from Printing Services, or online by clicking here. NCR forms are no longer available for print orders.

Helpful hints to reduce delays on your print orders:

  • Completing your orders on the appropriate form and sending it by email to
  • Include a budget classification on the form. 

Deliveries - All main campus Print Order deliveries will leave the Print Shop by 9 a.m. We will normally get to the below locations by 11:30 a.m.:

  • Arts 224, 230
  • AHPS 114, 163, 166, 168, 215, 252
  • Associated Students
  • Bookstore
  • Food Services
  • CDC
  • Office of VP for Student Services
  • BE 116
  • LB 210 (Professional Development), 202 (Library Circulation), 208
  • LRC 120, 205 (CAS), 304, 320
  • Media Center 140
  • PS 107
  • PS 118
  • SAS First Floor- Finanical Aid, Admission & Records, Welcome Center, Assessment Office, Counseling & Advising
  • SAS Second Floor-EOPS/Trio, Office of Student Learning, Career Center, DSPS, Transfer CSL Center/Job Placement
  • SAS Third Floor-Public Relations/Foundation, President's Office, Office of the VP for Administration, Business Services, Office of the VP for Planning & Information, Human Resources
  • Student Health Clinic
  • Swing Space A, F, G
  • TE 132
  • Veterans Office
  • WLR 101

Chico Center/Skyway Center deliveries will go out between 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. daily.  Glenn Center deliveries will go out at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Large volume print orders will be deliver with freight mail.   All freight mail are delivered in the afternoon daily and are delivered to the specific location on the item.  Freight deliveries happen as needed, based on items received in Shipping and Receiving.  Please remember that cases of white paper are considered a freight item, not a mail item. Please plan accordingly.

Quick Copy ‐ Thirty originals up to fifty copies will have a twenty‐four hour turnaround time. Anything that exceeds this will have a longer turnaround time.

Specialty Copy ‐ Any jobs that are high volume, need to be printed on the color copier, have support work attached to them like cutting, folding, binding, or mailing require a minimum of five days and up to a ten day turnaround time. Please remember we are not a designing print shop. Print orders need to be ready for print when they are received. We can assist with minor modifications, but we will not design.

Sustainability ‐ In keeping with the spirit of sustainability, all printing for quick copy will be printed back to back (duplex). Only case by case exceptions will be made and will only be made with the appropriate vice president or dean signatures.

End of Year Purchasing –Printing Services will no longer accommodate pre‐purchasing of supplies or stock printing. This usually happens at the end of the fiscal year. We can no longer accommodate the storage or account tracking for this. Any items that are purchased will be expected to be delivered in the fiscal year they are purchased. Everyone in the Printing Services wants to thank you for your efforts in helping us to help you.

Butte College | 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville CA 95965 | General Information (530) 895-2511

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