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Building Maintenance



1. Provide a safe learning environment for the campus community.

2. Provide adequate support services to instructional, administrative and student service with the additional labor that has been requested.

3. Purchase the proper tools and equipment to accomplish the needed tasks to maintain desired standards. Employee and retain the personnel to support our mission. 


Building Maintenance includes operating and maintaining buildings, heating ventilating and airconditioning systems, lighting systems, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and install/repair hardware.  Minor alterations to classrooms and offices.

How to order our service:

Request Work:

If your request involves an emergency or hazard (e.g. ), please call (530) 895-2381.

If you do not require an immediate response, please complete a work order online by clicking here. Repair of any building component to include office, classroom or common area building fixtures requires the submission of a work order online.  The work request system should continue to be used for routine maintenance services and needs such as issues with scheduled heating ventilating and airconditioning and lighting, plumbing, etc.

Request an Estimate:

If you are planning a complex project or require details on the projected cost, please request an estimate through our Project Request Form.  Make sure to provide complete details on the scope of your project; a project manager will contact you to discuss your project.

A Project Request Form (PRF) will be required to initiate non-maintenance, special projects such as  electrical or data power augmentations, painting, modifications to buildings or campus outdoor spaces, or instructional program equipment repair/replacement.   This form should also be used for projects that may not have funding but you want consultation from us on the possibility of a project and need some cost estimating.  This would include projects you may plan to put on your augmentation or unit plans.

Other Services:

Heating, air conditioning, and lighting are centrally controlled and are only turned on when needed. We program the Energy Management System based on the published class schedule. If you wish to have utilities on at an unscheduled time you must submit a Facility Use & Equipment Application (click here  for the forms) with the appropriate signatures to Facilities Planning & Management. If the utilities are not available when scheduled, contact the Facilities office at (530) 895‐2381 or College Police at (530) 895‐2351 after 5:00 p.m.


Butte College | 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville CA 95965 | General Information (530) 895-2511

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