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Forms, Procedures and More


  1. Printing Services Order Form (PDF)  - For placing printing orders.
  2. Printing Services Supply Form (PDF) - For placing supply orders.
  3. Printing Services Business Cards Form (PDF) - For placing business card orders.
  4. Carpool Form
  5. Key Request
  6. Key Clearance Card
  7. Key Loss Report
  8. Project Request Form (PRF)
  9. Space Utilization Change Request Form
  10. Student Travel Request
  11. Internal Facility and Equipment Use Application (Butte College events)

    An Internal Facility and Equipment Use Application is NOT required when ALL of the following conditions are met:
    • The use occurs during the normal operating hours for that space.
    • There are NO services or set-up required (audio/visual, furniture, food service, etc.).
    • The layout of the room will NOT need to be rearranged.

    However, an application is required if ANY of the following conditions apply:
    • The use will occur outside the normal operating hours for the space.
    • A service is required (audio/visual, furniture, food service, etc.).
    • There will be non-District person(s) present (anyone who is not a current student, faculty, or staff member).
    • College Police needs to be notified.

  12. External Facility and Equipment Use Application (Outside organization events; Non-Butte College)
  13. Facility Use Fee Schedule
  14. Facility Use Pre-Event Check List (Day of event)
  15. Facility Use Event Check List (Prior to event) 
  16. Facility Use Vendor Agreement
  17. Butte County Public Health Community Event ORGANIZER Packet (Required for organizer of events with food)
  18. Butte County Public Health Community Event VENDOR Packet (Required for vendors of events with food)
  19. Butte County Public Health Community Event Resource Guide (Required for both organizers and vendors of events with food)
  20. Butte County Public Health Retail Food Safety (Additional information for organizers and vendors selling food)
  21. Unsafe Condition Form
  22. DMV Program Request
  23. Safety Training Sign In Sheet   |   Utility Golf Cart Guidelines | Online Safety Trainings (Keenan SafeColleges) | Drug and Alcohol Program Training
  24. Accident Reporting Forms available on the Human Resources webpage at
  25. Incident Report (Word version) and Frequently Asked Questions  (Word version)  |   Incident Report and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF Version)


  1. Designated Smoking Areas (Main Campus)
  2. Emergency Phone Locations (Main Campus)
  3. Service Vendor Parking Locations (Main Campus)


  1. Safety-Injury Illness Prevention Plan
  2. Safety-Confined Space Plan
  3. Safety-Repetitive Motion Injury Prevention Plan
  4. Safety-Hazard Materials and Communication Program
  5. Safety-Chemical Hygiene Plan
  6. Energy Cost Containment Plan
  7. Facilities Master Plan (2002)


  1. Water Quality Report | Water Quality Sampling Table Result  |  Water Testing Reporting Outline
  2. SAS Soil Report
  3. Arts Geotechnical Report 1, Arts Geotechnical Report 2 


District Board policies are available online by clicking here.

  1. Key Procedure
  2. Facility Use Procedure
  3. Employee Driving
  4. Smoking

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