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Understanding Your Results

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 PURPOSE of Assessment and Placement: Establish placement levels to help you succeed as a student. The assessment process is designed to:

  • PROVIDE students with feedback about their reading, writing, and math skills prior to registering for classes.
  • ASSIST students in matching their levels of basic skills with those levels needed to successfully pass the courses offered through the College.
  • INFORM students about which reading, English and math courses they're eligible to enroll in.

>>Transfer students<< Your placement and computer printout may reflect assessment(s) you took at your other school or an evaluation of your transcripts. Pay close attention to the information listed and the corresponding interpretation sheets as the curriculum and course requirements at Butte College may differ from those at another school.

 UNDERSTANDING Course Eligibility and Recommended Preparation: An essential part of your academic success is based on your understanding of how your basic academic skills relate to all of the courses you choose to take.

  • Most classes offered through Butte College have some type of prerequisite or recommended preparation. These are used to establish a student's readiness for the content to be covered within a course.
  • "Recommended Prep" has been established by the faculty to inform students of the basic skills (i.e., reading, writing and math skills) needed to perform satisfactorily in their courses. Recommended Prep is listed in the Butte College catalog with the course descriptions.
  • Review what is listed in the catalog for the courses you're interested in taking and compare these with your placement levels. If your placement levels are below what is recommended for the courses you plan to enroll in, consult a counselor. You will want to be aware of the support services the College provides to assist you with any academic challenges you may face. Recommended Prep is advisory and may be waived at the time of registration.

CHALLENGING Course Eligibility (Special Permission Process)

If you feel your course placement may not reflect your abilities accurately, you can discuss it with a counselor or an instructor of that subject. You must attempt the appropriate Butte College assessment test before you are eligible to pursue Special Permission.

Your Special Permission form needs to be on file in the Assessment Office prior to registering for the class.

If you have any questions about your placement information, contact the Assessment Office or discuss your concerns with a counselor.

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