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Prerequisites & Evaluation Process

Most courses offered through Butte College have some type of prerequisite or recommended preparation. These are used to establish a student's readiness for the content to be covered within a course. Prerequisites and recommended preparation include previously completed coursework or achievement of a specified skill level established from an assessment test.

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Challenging Prerequisites (Special Permission)

How to Submit Transcripts/Test Scores from Another Institution:

1. Submit the Placement and Prerequisite Evaluation Form (PDF)  if you are:

Students will not be permitted to enroll in reading, English, math or any course requiring prerequisite clearance until an evaluation is complete. An approved clearance does not guarantee a space in any course. ALLOW UP TO ONE WEEK FOR EVALUATION.

2. After completing the form please submit it to the Assessment Office:

          **Hand deliver:

                Main Campus Location (click here for a campus map)
                Student & Administrative Services (SAS) Building
                1st floor, Assessment Office (Room 110)

          **Mailing Address:

               Butte College
               ATTN: Assessment
               3536 Butte Campus Dr.
               Oroville, CA 95965

          **Fax (530) 895-2249

**The Butte College Chico Center (2320 Forest Ave.) may fax your completed documents to the Assessment Office.         

Be sure to include your phone number and Butte College student I.D. number. Call our office to ensure your materials were received and to determine whether you have been cleared from Assessment prior to attending orientation/registration.

Unofficial transcripts and grade reports are acceptable for establishing placement.



  • Courses that require a previously completed course as the prerequisite (e.g., French I is the prerequisite to French II). These are indicated in the class schedule with an asterisk (*) symbol. The catalog and the counseling office can provide more information on this type of prerequisite.
  • Reading, English, math, ESL, and select courses require either: Satisfactory completion (grades of 'C' or better) of the prerequisite course or qualifying eligibility established from an assessment test. The assessment  test has a five year time limit; after that, course eligibility drops back by one level.


Some courses require a 'corequisite' that is, concurrent enrollment in an additional specified course(s). This means all of the indicated courses need to be taken during the same term.

Recommended Preparation:

Most courses have specified basic skill placement levels as "recommended preparation." These levels are listed in the college catalog with the course descriptions and are shown as Recommended Prep. The faculty have established recommended placement levels for their courses to inform students of the basic skills (i.e., reading, writing and math skills) needed to perform satisfactorily, that is, receive at least a 'C' grade. The placement levels for most courses are: Reading IV, English III. Some courses have higher or lower levels and certain courses have math levels as recommended preparation. Levels are established by performance on the Basic Skills Assessment or completion of college reading, English, and/or math courses. Recommended preparation is advisory.

Challenging Prerequisites (Special Permission)

For information on how to challenge a prerequisite for a reading, English or math class, contact the Assessment Office (530.895.2511). Student challenges to their course eligibility in reading, English, and math classes, that have been established through assessment testing, may also be pursued through the Counseling Office. Students also may challenge other types of prerequisites or a corequisite for a course. The student will bear the initial burden of showing that grounds exist for the challenge. The challenge should be directed to the department which offers the course.

The following is a list of the grounds under which a challenge may be pursued:

  1. The student has the knowledge or ability to succeed in the course despite not meeting the prerequisite (documentation required).
  2. The student will be subject to undue delay in attaining the goal of his or her educational plan because the prerequisite or corequisite course has not been made reasonably available (Ed Plan must be on file).
  3. The prerequisite or corequisite is not valid because it is not necessary for success in the course for which it is required (documentation required).

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