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Service Learning and Volunteerism

Service-Learning combines learning with action in real life situations outside the four walls of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to learn and develop as leaders through active participation in their own communities in a way that:

  • Meets important community needs.
  • Provides time to think, talk, and write about new experiences.
  • Brings enthusiasm to schoolwork and enhances critical thinking skills.
  • Opens avenues for career exploration and promotes civic responsibility.

Students can earn 1 unit of transferable credit (to the CSU system) by enrolling in IDST 94, volunteering 20 hours in the community and completing the required course assignments.

For more information, including available courses, a volunteer directory and downloadable documents, please go to the Service Learning & Volunteerism Homepage at

Message from the President of Butte College:

VolunteersThe Butte College Office of Service Learning & Volunteerism continues to help with the transition of students between the classroom and the community with service-learning opportunities. Service-learning & Volunteerism at Butte College provides students the opportunity to use what they learn in the classroom while working in related areas, plus they contribute quite a bit to our communities.

The value of service-learning is that students gain valuable experience that is most often course-related. It brings their learning to another level when they can combine what they learn in the classroom with the practical world. Students gain hands-on educational experience, as well as an understanding and an appreciation of civic contributions. The community is delighted with our ability to assist them with their needs; plus it's great when they get to know our students and see what they are learning... everyone wins in that situation. The college collaborates with the community and provides innovative opportunities for connecting academic endeavors with the community, and our students learn in the "real world" and bring valuable information back to the classroom.

VolunteersI challenge each of you to become involved in service-learning. As a student, visit the Office of Service-Learning & Volunteerism (Career Center) to enroll in IDST 94 and receive a service-learning placement in an area that's related to your studies or in an area of interest to you. You'll be happy you did. As a faculty member, please encourage your students to become engaged in activities and learning outside the classroom. Hands- on experience is essential in this day and age as the world around us changes so quickly. It adds a component that is often difficult to convey and capture in the classroom. The experiences students gain can sometimes change their lives and their choices for their futures. As you know, nowadays people look for experience, degrees, and those who contribute to their community, when hiring. Let's give our students the opportunity to be well-rounded and take what they learn at the college and put it into practice in a safe environment. Give your students that opportunity to excel!


Butte College Office of Service Learning & Volunteerism,
Located on the 2nd floor of the Student Administrative Services (SAS) building.
Phone: (530) 895-2509
Fax:     (530) 895-2530

Butte College | 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville CA 95965 | General Information (530) 895-2511

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