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You are a new college student if you are attending Butte College for the first time OR have completed fewer than 24 units at a college other than Butte. If you have taken courses at Butte College while in high school and have since graduated, you are considered a new college student.
If you are a New College Student complete Steps 1-6.


You are a new transfer-in student if you are attending Butte College for the first time and have completed 24 or more units with a 2.0+ GPA at a college other than Butte.
If you are a New Transfer-In Student complete Steps 1-6.


You are a returning student if you previously completed course work at Butte College and are returning after a lapse of time or enrollment at another college. If you are a Returning Student complete Steps 2-6.
If it has been a year or more since you last attended, please complete Steps 1-6.


You are a continuing student if you attended the preceding fall or spring term. Continuing students receive priority registration times in April and November.
If you are a Continuing Student complete Steps 5-6.


You are a K-12 student if you are under 18 and have not graduated high school. To take classes you must have a concurrent enrollment authorization on file by the deadline.
If you are a K-12 Student complete Step 1 and Steps 4-6.

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Step 1: Apply for Admission

When you click on the CCC Apply button below, you’ll be taken to the California Community College Chancellor's Office Open CCC Apply electronic application.

You’ll be asked to create an Open CCC Apply Account. Once you’ve created your CCC Apply account you will receive an email with your CCC Apply ID number. When you’ve created your account, click SUBMIT button to complete the Application.

After you’ve completed and submitted your application, you will receive:

An email from CCC Apply with a confirmation number stating your application is submitted - An email from Butte College with your ID Number, User Name & Password

You will need these to schedule Assessment and Orientation

(If you have already completed the online application, continue to the next step)

Begin My Application

Please be advised that applications can take up to 10 working days to process.

Step 2: Financial Aid

Completing a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before you enroll may exempt you from the requirement to pay fees within 7 Days. Visit the Financial Aid webpage for additional information.

Complete the FAFSA online by visiting the website - Use the Butte College Federal School Code – 006972 – when filling out the application.

(If you have already completed the FAFSA application, continue to the next step)


Step 3: Request Transcripts

Send your official transcripts from all previously attended colleges to the below address. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for delivery and processing.

Butte College Admissions and Records
3536 Butte Campus Drive
Oroville, CA 95965

(If you have not attended ANY other colleges, continue to the next step)

Step 4: Contact Assessment and Schedule Orientation

All New College and New Transfer-In Students are required to complete an Assessment Test prior to attending an Orientation. Click on the Assessment button below to find out how and when to take the test, access study guides and practice tests and see a list of exemptions to assessment testing. For additional information on assessment testing call (530) 895-2511.

Once you have contacted Assessment, visit the Orientation webpage to schedule your Orientation session.

New College Students MUST attend an in-person orientation which consists of a campus tour, meeting with a counselor, setting up your MyBC Account, and registering for courses.

New Transfer-In Students MUST complete either an on-line orientation OR an in-person orientation. If you have completed English, and/or math courses at another college or plan to enroll in a course with an established prerequisite, go to "Prerequisites" on the Assessment website or call (530) 895-2511 to request an evaluation of your transcripts.

(If you have already completed your Assessment and Orientation, continue to the next step)

Assessment        Orientation

Step 5: Register for Classes

New College Students will register during their Orientation.

New Transfer-In Students who choose to complete an Online Orientation will be able to register through their MyBC Account.

If you are not required to attend Orientation, click the “Times to Register” button below or visit these other locations to determine when you can register.

  • Class Schedule
  • MyBC
  • Admissions

View the how to register video.

(If you have already completed your Assessment and Orientation, continue to the next step)


Step 6: Pay Fees

There are Fees that are associated with Butte College classes.

Students have 7 Days from the time of Registration to pay their fees or they will be dropped from one or more of their classes.

Click the link below for information on required fees.

Students can see their fees that are due and make payments through their MyBC Account.


Content editor:

Aaron Fultz 
(530) 895-2535